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The International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK) is a futures organisation focussed on some of the biggest challenges facing Government and society in the context of demographic change.

We ask difficult questions and present new solutions to the challenges and opportunities of ageing. We undertake research and policy analysis and create a forum for debate and action.

We also host an annual Future of Ageing Conference to assemble representatives from Government, business, academia and civil society to discuss how the UK can meet the challenges and the opportunities of a rapidly ageing society. For more information, please click here.

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New data analysis reveals the vast market for health apps – including the 760,000 ‘living fast, dying young’ under 40s who smoke, drink frequently, have a smart phone and regularly use the internet.

We are recruiting for a temporary Events Coordinator to coordinate and support our busy events calendar for the remainder of 2018, build on our external communications and assist the Head of External Affairs on communications around our Future of Ageing conference.



This report examines the evidence for the potential of apps to promote positive health behavioural change in the UK population.

This new international report explores the relationship betewen life expectancy and producitivity in developed countries.

This report presents findings from a new economic model on cost-benefit analyses for differing uptake and efficacy scenarios for the English flu vaccination programme.

From big data to blockchain, and gamification to AI and robotics, can technology help increase uptake of adult immunisations?

This is the first in a series of short ILC reports exploring the relation between demographic forces and macroeconomic outcomes.

For the last century, adult life expectancy in the UK has been growing apace although these improvements have not been equally shared between its citizens.


It is common knowledge that people aged over 65 are encouraged to have a seasonal flu vaccine and each year approximately 70% do (PHE 2018). The burden of influenza in this population is great.

Just months before switching roles to Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt delivered a speech where he made promises to “jump start” a debate on how social care should be funded.



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