Human mortality remains at 100 percent; we all eventually die. Ideally, we should all be well informed on end of life choices and how we die should be in our own control.

Dehydration is an unnecessary and potentially dangerous state for those experiencing it.

Harnessing the power of older workers is a vital component of any long-term strategy to rejuvenate economic growth across the Europe.

Growing divorce rates in old age could contribute to increasing isolation and a greater need for formal care, argues the ILC-UK.

This think piece, published by the ILC-UK, with the support of Sanofi Pasteur MSD, explores the extent to which England’s public health structures are able to respond to our ageing population after the radical reforms introduced by the Health and Social Care Act in 2012.

The whole of Europe is going grey, but in Europe’s Ageing Demography, we show that Eastern Europe will be hit the hardest by the brewing demographic storm.

This new compendium of essays examines the social stigma which surrounds dementia, highlighting that stigma is impending early diagnosis, care and research into the disease.

Illuminating the employment challenges of the over 50s.

A Partnership Population Patterns Series brief.

This report highlights the growing generation of older men that are facing a future of increased isolation.

This report asks whether it is time to rethink our concept of retirement, and includes an 8-point action plan to support companies who want to respond to the challenges and opportunities of ageing.

The Ready for Ageing Alliance has launched its manifesto for action, ‘Getting Ready for Ageing’.

In an eleven point prescription, the Ready for Ageing Alliance has urged individuals to prepare for ageing by keeping fit, eating healthy, planning ahead and listening to a little One Direction.

This report examines the effect our ageing society may have on the future of volunteering, and the potential consequences for UK charities.

Why lifetime annuities should still be part of good financial advice in the post-pension-liberalisation world.

The second annual Factpack on ageing and demographic change from the ILC-UK.

This report highlights how we can do more to prevent dementia, save lives and reduce avoidable costs.

The final report of the independent Commission on Hearing Loss, established by ILC-UK.

A Partnership Population Patterns Series brief

A report from ILC-UK and Age UK, taking a futures perspective on how communities need to adapt to an ageing society.

ILC-UK analysis of the removal of the effective requirement to annuitise in the 2014 Budget.

A brief for ILC-UK on the role for an equity bank in providing secure income for retirement.

Our analysis of the most recent wave of the Wealth and Assets Survey, exploring national wealth.

An evidence briefing from the 'Community Matters' series

An evidence briefing from the 'Community Matters' series

An evidence briefing from the 'Community Matters' series

With the independence vote on the horizon, Scotland’s policymakers must face up to the challenges of a falling working age population while also tackling significant public health challenges argues a new ILC-UK report.

A Partnership Population Patterns Series brief.

A report on the current and projected trends in population ageing.

Summary of a new study exploring the risks and opportunities facing the voluntary sector as a result of the UK’s ageing population.

A new study exploring the risks and opportunities facing the voluntary sector as a result of the UK’s ageing population.

A PFRC/ILC-UK report : 'What is the relationship between financial satisfaction and happiness among older people?'

An ILC-UK report for the Commissioner for Older People in Northern Ireland

An ILC-UK policy briefing looking at the 2014 Budget and OBR forecasts

A futures perspective on how we make the UK the best country to grow old in.

A report from the PFRC/ILC-UK joint project.

This report is a representation of an event hosted at the International Longevity Centre-UK in January 2014 on ‘The cost of dying in an ageing society’.

A brief examining the demands that will be placed on the care workforce over the coming decades

A Partnership Population Patterns Series brief.

An investigation into linking state pension age to longevity and healthy life expectancy

An analysis using the third wave of Understanding Society