Analysis of the Wealth and Assets survey as part of the ILC-UK and PFRC collaboration programme on financial wellbeing in older age.

2013 Defra Rural Ageing Research by ILC-UK in conjunction with TNS-BMRB.

: creating and communicating an End of Life Care register that works for the medical and legal professions

An examination of the UK adult immunisation policy framework in light of new European research conducted by SAATI (Supporting Active Ageing Through Immunisation).

Current societal and financial challenges are demanding a revision of how health budgets are spent with a view to increasing both savings and sustainability.

Financial transfers from grandparents to grandchildren.


An analysis using the Wealth and Assets Survey 2008-10

This review of evidence and policy across Europe uncovers a hidden burden of constipation affecting older people

A review of policies in place across the European Union and its Member States that are supporting older workers.

A briefing from ILC-UK and the Personal Finance Research Centre on the 85+ age group with new findings from Understanding Society

We all know that people are living longer but how is that changing our society?

The development of a whole new financial savings product called Personal Care Savings Bonds (PCSBs) could help ease the social care funding crisis facing the UK.

Extra Care housing can play a vital role in reducing the isolation and loneliness of older people, but too few people benefit, warns a leading think-tank on ageing and demographic change.

Debt has often been seen as an issue affecting younger people, with limited attention paid to older people in debt or who are over indebted.

A think piece calling for a fresh look at under-occupation and housing in later life.

Despite nearly a million people aged 65+ now in employment, the gap between effective retirement age and state pension age remains a drag on the UK economy, which will be exacerbated further by population ageing.

A Compendium of Essays highlighting the challenges and opportunities of ageing for women, launched in celebration of International Women’s Day 2013.