An introduction and overview to the multiple different models available for funding long-term care in the UK.

Older Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual People in the UK: Policy Brief Series

A research and discussion paper exploring the importance of intergenerational relations in society, related challenges and opportunities, made possible by the support of BT and Age Concern.

Research exploring the effect of unpaid care provision on the lives of older people.

A discussion paper to accompany the publication of the 'Living and Caring?' research, which considers the implications of the research findings for policymakers.

A new revised 2008 edition of the ILC-UK tool for local planners to prepare for the UK's ageing population.

This paper follows on from the publication of 'A National Care Fund for Long-term Care'. The paper develops, responds to and discusses various questions and critiques raised by this original report.

This policy brief is the third and final publication of a series focusing on policies addressing obesity in the UK.

A discussion paper accompanying 'The Age of Inheritance' and exploring what this research means for public policy including inheritance tax, the property market and debate on how to pay for an ageing population.

Research exploring changing patterns of inheritance transfers in the UK. The research looks at how receipt of inheritance varies by age and socioeconomic group, and analyses the expectations of older cohorts for leaving an inheritance in the future.

Two of the most challenging public heath problems that account for significant morbidity and mortality are smoking and obesity. Over the last 20 years, while smoking prevalence rates have declined, obesity rates have increased sharply.

This discussion paper puts forward a radical new vision for funding older people’s long-term care - one of the UK's biggest public policy challenges.

This policy brief accompanies the publication of 'A National Care Fund for Long-term Care', and summarises the key points of this discussion paper for policymakers.

A guide for use in the development of regional housing strategies, published jointly by ILC-UK and CLG.

Obesity is a major public health problem in the UK. This report provides a comprehensive review of innovations and problems in tackling this challenge in light of devolution.