A research and discussion paper exploring the importance of intergenerational relations in society, related challenges and opportunities, made possible by the support of BT and Age Concern.

This report has been made possible by the generous support of BT and Age Concern.

Strong and positive interaction and contact between the generations is vital for the exchange and transmission of human capital and life-skills, as well as for maintaining intergenerational solidarity and reducing the scope for stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination between the generations.

However, there is growing concern that intergenerational relations are 'worsening'. Life course differences in cognitive and physical functioning that already create separation beteen different generations is perceived to be exacerbated by contemporary social trends: longevity; internal age-based migration; and, rapid social changes that create differences between cohorts.

This research and discussion paper explores these issues and the policy responses available to policymakers concerned to improve the state of intergenerational relations.

The report includes original survey research exploring perceptions of current relations between the generations, and whether social disengagement with younger people is in fact a natural part of the ageing process.

Author: James Lloyd, Head of Policy & Research, ILC-UK

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