Personalisation, Nutrition and the Role of Community Meals

The report outlines a round table discussion chaired by Baroness Greengross and considers the challenges and opportunities for social care and community meal providers in meeting the nutritional needs of older people.

There are currently more people in the UK receiving meals in their own home than there are older people in care homes. In 2009, 586,000 people were registered as having local authority funded care services of whom 150,000 were receiving community meals (defined as meals served in the home) and 299,000 were privately purchasing home care, including community meals.

Clearly the community meals service has an important role to play in social care. However, as the government discusses the opportunities for funding social care and increasing numbers of people continue to live independently into older age, how do we ensure we continue to meet the diet and nutrition needs of this group?

Author: Lisa Wilson

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