A new report highlighting the urgent need to improve patient outcomes and care for the 2 million women affected by osteoporosis.

This report demonstrates the true effect that osteoporosis has on women and its escalating impact on NHS resources and was developed by an editorial board of GPs, specialist clinicians, nurses, commissioners, professional and patient groups and the ILC-UK, with support from Amgen and GlaxoSmithKline.

New evidence in the report reveals that the number, rate and cost of fractures in the UK amongst women aged 55 years and over is rising, as is the number of unplanned hospital stays, which has risen by 13% in the last five years. As the population ages and the number of women with osteoporosis increases, the economic burden associated with this disease looks set to rise – at present the cost of osteoporotic hip fractures to the NHS is estimated to be £2 billion per year.

The Breaking Point report sends clear calls to action for a rejuvenated, efficient approach to fracture care and prevention, as well as the need for osteoporosis to become a national priority. Alongside the report there are four 'Calls to Action' for politicians, commissioners, health care professionals and patients. A copy of the actual report and the 'Calls to Action' can be downloaded below.

The ILC-UK organised the launch of the Breaking Point report on 11 October 2010.

The event was hosted by Baroness Sally Greengross, OBE, and the speakers included:
* Professor David Oliver, National Clinical Director for Older People, Department of Health
* Paul Mitchell, Chair of the Breaking Point report Editorial Board
* Dr Alun Cooper, GPwSI in Osteoporosis

A Call to Action for:
* Politicians
* Commissioners
* Health Care Professionals
* Patients

A copy of the report can be downloaded below:

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