A report on a symposium held in Church House Conference Centre, Westminster, London

This report examines the relationship between population ageing and urbanisation, based on the contrasting experiences of Japan and the UK. This topic was the subject of a major Symposium funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), held on March 29/30th in London in association with the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) and the International Longevity Centre (Japan/UK). The event built upon discussions between ESRC and JSPS about ways of encouraging contact and collaboration between the UK and Japanese social science research communities.

The report provides an overview of the main themes highlighted in the Symposium, with a particular focus on: the characteristics of ageing and urbanisation in Japan and the UK; experiences of ageing in urban environments; developing ‘age-friendly’ communities; future issues for policy and research on population ageing and urbanisation.

The report includes a call for more comparative research between the two countries, with particular attention to topics such as: What is the basis for building ‘age-friendly’/‘life-long communities’? What types of partnerships between different organisations are needed to support ‘age-friendly cities’? How can the needs of different age groups be recognised in the design and development of cities? What resources and facilities are available in urban areas to support community participation and health and well-being?

Author: Chris Phillipson

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