The ILC-UK launches publications considering intergenerational diversity among LGBT people.

ILC-UK and Age UK have been working in partnership to explore the role of intergenerational projects for the LGBT community, the importance that these projects could have in supporting the LGBT population, and identifying key learning opportunities from studies conducted at three ground-breaking projects from around the UK.

Between Autumn 2010 and Spring 2011, three intergenerational projects took place that were among the first of their kind in the UK context. These projects aimed to promote solidarity and improved relations between different generations of the LGBT community. In Camden, arts workshops were held aimed at challenging stereotypes and social isolation. The project in Leicester used interviews conducted by younger participants to gather and record personal histories of older LGBT individuals. In Stockport different generations of LGBT people were involved in developing local policies, including raising their issues and experiences with local service providers. The projects aimed to share and learn new skills, improve understanding between younger and older people, foster mutual support and celebrate LGBT heritage.

The work conducted by ILC-UK includes:

'Bridging the Gap: Exploring the potential for bringing older and younger LGBT people together': an evidence review examining the context of intergenerational project work in the LGBT community

'Celebrating Intergenerational Diversity': an evaluation report of the three projects run in Camden, Leicester and Stockport

'Intergenerational projects for the LGBT community': a toolkit to inspire and inform anyone wanting to establish and run their own LGBT intergenerational project

An executive summary presenting the key findings from each of these publications is also available for download below:

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