On 1st July 2010, NESTA organised an event which posed the question “Can the web provide innovative solutions to help transform care for older people”.

This think-piece broadly summarises the presentation given by David Sinclair at this event.

The think-piece notes that we have an ageing society and are going to need to provide more care. It argues that care is in crisis today and that it is likely to get worse before it gets better.

The think-piece explores the potential of web based technologies to improve social care but argues that there are significant barriers to mainstreaming.

David Sinclair argues that if we are to make the most of new technology in the context of the care needs of an ageing society, we must:

* Deliver more usable and accessible technology.
* Better motivate, engage and inspire an interest in technology by the older population
* Address the moral and ethical barriers to technology.
* Get the basic’s right first.
* Tackle digital exclusion.
* Attempt to create and support a culture of private purchase for health and care technologies.
* Better integrate health and care.
* Deliver access to information and advice about new technologies.
* Ensure there is investment for prevention and for new technologies.

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