We all know that people are living longer but how is that changing our society?

What is the impact on demand for housing? How will pensions be affected? How will we care for our growing older population when the population of working age is shrinking?

These types of debates are increasingly being played out in the media and in political circles but in order for such debates to be productive, they have to be well informed.

This is why ILC-UK has produced a ‘Factpack’ of demographic statistics for the UK. The 12-page booklet provides statistics on a range of topics from life expectancy to housing supply, from pensions to the popularity of smart-phones amongst today’s older generations.  The information has been collated from a range of official sources including the Office for National Statistics, the European Commission and from other research organisations.

Here is just a selection of the statistics featured in the “Factpack”:

  • At 12.2 million, the number of pensioners in the UK is equivalent to the combined populations of Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
  • One third of babies born in 2012 in the UK are expected to survive to celebrate their 100th birthday.
  • Health Life Expectancy at birth is 63.5 years for men and 65.7 for women. Increase in life expectancy is currently outstripping the increase in HLE.
  • Spending on long-term care is projected to rise by around £14bn by 2061/62.
  • In June 2013 there were over 1 million workers over the age of 65 in the UK – the highest since records began.
  • 28% of those aged 75 and over have internet access in their home. 3% of over 75s own a smart phone.

Commenting on the publication of the booklet, David Sinclair, Assistant Director of Policy and Communications at ILC-UK, said:

The ageing of our society is an increasingly hot topic of debate amongst policy makers and in media circles. Populations are living longer – how do we respond? Knowing how to answer that question relies, first and foremost, on us having the right facts available so that we can have an informed debate. This Factpack provides a crucial guidebook for policy-makers, journalists and opinion formers on the demographic trends that we are witnessing in Britain today”.

Download a PDF of the factpack below.

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