Speaking at an ILC-UK meeting this week, Universities and Science Minister, The Rt. Hon. David Willetts MP urged the sector to consider how they can play a role in drawing different generations together.

David Willetts MP said "Universities support a mix of ages of students; but there should be more discussion in the sector about what role Universities can play in strengthening intergenerational relations."

The Minister continued: "The social contract is a contract across generations. We need to avoid creating an artificial generational war. It is not helpful if we build up a dangerous mentality which suggests that older and younger people are a threat to each other. We all just need to think a little bit more about the generations above and below us."

Baroness Greengross added "Isolation is a huge issue facing parts of the older population. Universities could play an important role in fostering greater contact and understanding between generations. Age is irrelevant to learning and encouraging older people into the sector will help support different generations to come together."

David Willetts MP congratulated ILC-UK on its important contribution to the evidence base on intergenerational fairness.


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