SAATI Partnership report shows gaps in current prevention policies for adults and highlights the importance of vaccination throughout life

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) along with the Supporting Active Ageing Through Immunisation (SAATI) Partnership today issued a call to establish a European Health and Vaccination Platform to encourage a life-course approach to immunisation to reduce the burden of infectious diseases. The announcement was made during an event at the European Parliament, hosted by MEPs Rebecca Taylor (Group of the
Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, United Kingdom) and Petru Luhan (Group of the European People’s Party, Romania). The report presented at this event is based on research commissioned by the SAATI partners, including a fiscal case study from the
Netherlands which suggests that every €1 invested in adult vaccination (from age 50) would yield €4.02.

The call is supported by a new report commissioned by the SAATI Partnership, a coalition of healthcare professionals, academics and patient advocates, which highlights the health and economic benefits, of including adult immunisation in healthy and active ageing and other public health policies. In the context of immunisation across the life-course, the report shows that current policies in EU Member States are patchy, and that adult vaccination remains an underused yet cost-effective measure in the promotion of healthy ageing.

“With an ageing society, healthcare systems must do better at preventing and promoting good health. The role of adult immunisation in this respect is not currently sufficiently recognised.” Luhan said.

“As policymakers, we must develop and implement policies that benefit as many people as possible. The findings from the SAATI study demonstrate the need to re-think our approach to immunisation and implement more comprehensive strategies than is the case at present.” Taylor said.

The SAATI report looks at the state of adult immunisation in 27 European countries, consolidating existing research on seven vaccine-preventable diseases – seasonal influenza, pneumonia, invasive pneumococcal disease, pertussis, diphtheria, herpes zoster, and tetanus – and providing a unique snapshot of the adult vaccination policy landscape for each country.

“Both policymakers and the public must be made aware that investing in life-course immunisation is a smart option on both a personal and a societal level,” said Professor Javier Garau, Chair of the SAATI partnership. “Used as a prevention strategy, immunisation can tackle the high burden of infectious diseases facing society and healthcare systems globally, and enable people to stay healthy longer. Preventing infectious diseases can not only save lives, but will also have a significant economic impact, including reducing healthcare costs and related disability.”

More information on the SAATI EU Report Card is available here.

For more information:
Vaccines Europe is a specialised industry group within the European Federation of Industries and Associations (EFPIA). Formed in 1991, Vaccines Europe represents innovative research-based vaccine companies operating in Europe. More information on Vaccines Europe is available here.

The SAATI Partnership was set up by stakeholders committed to tackling low public awareness of the risk and burden of vaccine-preventable diseases in older adults in Europe and comprises patients’ and professionals’ associations, clinicians, think tanks, healthy ageing specialists and experts. More information on the partnership is available here.

The report commissioned by SAATI was supported by Pfizer, The launch of the report was done in partnership with Vaccines Europe.

If you wish to receive the full study or if you have any questions, please contact:

Bruno Fierens
Consultant to Vaccines Europe or +32 494 615 789.


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