The November edition of the International Longevity Centre-UK (ILC-UK) Newsletter.

In this edition we cover:

  • New ILC-UK Publications
  • Dates for the Diary
  • New ILC-UK Blog Posts
  • Looking Globally: ILC Global Alliance


New ILC-UK Publications...

Older Drivers and Behavioural Change

Celebrating Intergenerational Diversity Among LGBT People

Establishing the extra in Extra Care, Perspectives from three Extra Care Housing Providers


Dates for the Diary...

November Events

22 November - ‘Older Workers, Health and Employment' debate 4pm - 7pm, The Actuarial Profession, Staple Inn Hall, High Holborn, London, WC1V 7QJ.

This debate will consider the health and employment of older workers.

29 November - ‘Centenarians and oldest old’ Robert Butler lecture debate by Professor Tom Kirkwood. 4pm - 7pm, The Actuarial Profession, Staple Inn Hall, High Holborn, London, WC1V 7QJ.

In tribute to Dr Butler, founder of the first International Longevity Centre in the USA, ILC-UK are organising a memorial lecture and debate, in partnership with Age UK and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, on Centenarians and the Oldest Old.

  • ILC-UK is planning our events programme for 2012. We organise around 20 events a year, from private dinners through to large conferences. If you would like to work with us on our future events programme, please get in touch at


New ILC-UK Blogs

Older drivers and behavioural change: how ‘nudges’ can support the process of self-regulation

Should older people suffering from dementia go to prison?

Making a case for bridging the gap between younger and older LGBT people

UN High-Level Meeting on Non Communicable Diseases

Guest Blog: Bob Laventure - New physical activity guidelines for adults launched by UK Chief Medical Office.

Housing, demographic change and the National Planning Policy Framework

Council Tax Benefit reforms will pitch young against old, and poor against poor

Employers and pensions: why is there so little (deferred) wage competition?

Can a Big Society for all ages improve the reputation of our cities?

Targeting the flu jab

Guest Blog by Stephen Burke. 'Inverting in the future'

Guest Blog - Safer Mobility for an Ageing Population

Looking Globally: ILC Global Alliance ...

ILC China and ILC Brazil were accepted into the ILC Global Alliance at the recent annual meeting of ILCs in Holland.


A new report providing a robust and unique examination into the benefits of music-based interventions for people with dementia is launched.

Innovating for Ageing: Just and ILC-UK launch new initiative to develop creative solutions for tackling vulnerability in later life

ILC-UK are inviting interested parties to offer a bid to help us update the ILC-UK website.

In May this year, ILC-UK conducted a study mission to Japan supported by our sister organisation, ILC-Japan, and funded by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation and the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation.

Two complementary research reports published today by ILC-UK have both found that physical and mental illness at younger ages can have a significant impact on employment trajectories in later life.

A new report from the International Longevity Centre (ILC-UK), ‘Public health in Europe during the austerity years’, has identified early warning signs that austerity will affect health outcomes for decades to come.