In April 2014, we announced that Noreen Siba, ILC-UK's Managing Director, is set to retire in early June after seven years at the International Longevity Centre-UK. We hope you will join us in wishing her an enjoyable and relaxing retirement.

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ILC-UK Launch Commission on Hearing Loss

The ILC-UK has launched a Commission seeking to address the significant and growing problem of hearing loss in the UK. Six million people in the UK experience hearing loss at a level where they would benefit from wearing a hearing aid and this is set to increase to 10 million by 2037.

This is an independent commission, with the ILC-UK providing the governance and secretariat while the Commissioners, drawn from a wide range of different sectors, will drive the agenda and findings.

As part of this high level Commission, we are seeking written evidence from a range of experts on two key aspects of the debate:

1. How can we ensure that hearing loss is detected early?
2. How can we deliver better solutions to reduce the adverse impacts of hearing loss?

We are seeking short submissions of no more than 1,000 words (no fewer than 400) on either or both of these topics from either individuals or organisations with an interest and/or expertise in hearing loss, ageing and the wider health and social care agenda.

The final report is intended for a policy and public audience, so written submissions should be accessible but at the same time, informative, thought provoking, ideally challenging while offering solutions/recommendations.

For further information on where to send written submissions and for details on how to attend the high level evidence sessions in the House of Lords, please click here.


ILC-UK Publications

Evidence briefs from the ILC-UK/Age UK 'Community Matters: Are our communities ready for ageing' seminars

An evidence briefing from each of the discussion seminars was published:
Getting out and about
At home
Ensuring communities offer what older people want

ILC-UK and Age UK held a series of research and policy seminars which explored how our communities need to adapt to an ageing society.  The series focused on action needed by policymakers today to meet the future challenges and maximise the opportunities our ageing society presents. All three of the discussion seminars explored issues related to the broader research and policy discussions on age friendly communities.

Population Patterns Seminar Series supported by Partnership

‘Missing’ 90-year-olds
This brief suggests that the ‘missing’ 90 year olds from the Census could have resulted from the relatively small size of the 90+ cohort leading to a magnification of errors in the data.

Scottish Independence - Charting the implications of demographic change
The report was launched at an ILC-UK ‘Population Patterns’ event in Edinburgh.

Financial Wellbeing in later life. Evidence and Policy
A report from the PFRC/ILC-UK joint project.

In 2012, the University of Bristol’s Personal Finance Research Centre (PFRC) and the International Longevity Centre UK (ILC-UK) were awarded funding by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) through its Secondary Data Analysis Initiative to explore financial dimensions of wellbeing in older age. Over 15 months, we worked together to generate and disseminate knowledge on this important issue. This report brings together that knowledge and considers its relevance for policy and practice.

2030 vision: The best - and worst - futures for older people in the UK
A futures perspective on how we make the UK the best country to grow old in.

This report was launched at a breakfast debate in the House of Lords: 'One year on: Are we ready to make the UK the best country to grow old in?'.

The Budget 2014
An ILC-UK policy briefing looking at the 2014 Budget and the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) forecasts.

This note analyses today’s Budget and OBR forecasts from an ILC-UK perspective. This means that we focus primarily on measures that are likely to impact on, or address the challenges of, an ageing population. This note is not therefore just concerned with how policy will impact older people but also the extent to which policy is equitable across generations and whether the chosen measures are likely to be effective in addressing the economic and social challenges of demographic change.

Working longer in Northern Ireland: valuing an ageing workforce. An ILC-UK report for the Commissioner for Older People in Northern Ireland

This report, entitled “Valuing an Ageing Workforce,” was produced by the International Longevity Centre-UK for the Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland, and highlights the need for government and employers to introduce ways to enable older people to remain in the workforce for as long as they wish to.

Age of opportunity. Putting the ageing society of tomorrow on the agenda of the voluntary sector today - A new study exploring the risks and opportunities facing the voluntary sector as a result of the UK’s ageing population. A summary of the report can be downloaded here.

Population Ageing & the Voluntary Sector: Key Figures & Projected Trends - A report on the current and projected trends in population ageing. It presents detailed background information on the current and projected trends in various aspects of both the sector and in society with respect to population ageing.

These reports were conducted by ILC-UK and NPC for the Commission on the Voluntary Sector & Ageing.


ILC-UK Events
We continue to hold events on a variety of topics, from care to work and retirement, and from longevity to housing and transport.

We are also planning our 2014-2015 UK events programme. Our events always “sell out”, and often, very quickly. If you are interested in talking to us about sponsoring an event, please get in touch with David Sinclair or Lyndsey Mitchell at ILC-UK ( / 0207 340 0440).


ILC-UK Blogs

Recently on the ILC-UK blog we have been investigating the impact of Bank of England policy on older people reliant on income from their savings and discussing how policy ideas responding to the challenges and opportunities of ageing ​may impact on the voluntary sector?

We are continuing to publish guest blogs, and have heard from Douglas White on how we can increase the digital participation of older adults, from ​Karen Taylor arguing that the current model of care for older people is at a tipping point and no longer fit for purpose and from Simon Wasserman who offers a potential solution to the obstacles facing the planned increases in state pension age. We have also heard from Henry Tapper who asks whether a traded annuity market would work in the UK and Dr Mathew Norton on the importance of tackling the stigma of dementia.​

Finally, as the leading think tank on ageing and demographic change we continue to investigate our subject from a wide variety of angles, and this is clearly reflected by the range of our guest blog contributions. Ben Spencer and Tim Jones argue that cycling could play a significant role in maintaining health and wellbeing among older people, Kate Woodthorpe reflects on how we can elevate funerals up the social and political agenda and Professor Philip Cowley​ discusses how the 'politics of presence' can affect the public’s attitudes to older MPs.

You can access the ILC-UK blog here; and the ILC Global Alliance blog here. If you would like to write a guest blog for us, please contact


International Longevity Centre Global Alliance heads to IFA Hyderabad.

The next annual conference of the International Federation of Ageing (IFA) in Hyderabad approaches rapidly, and the ILC Global Alliance is delighted to be participating, continuing its strong relationship with the IFA, and its history of featuring strongly in past conference programmes. Further details on planned ILC Global Alliance activities at the IFA conference in Hyderabad are available on this blog post - More information about the ILC Global Alliance and its members can be found on the ILC Global Alliance website.


Working with ILC-UK
Commissioning ILC-UK research and supporting an ILC-UK event

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The ILC-UK Partnership Programme

The ILC-UK Partnership Programme is a unique opportunity for the corporate sector to benefit directly from the work streams, research and policy networks of the only UK think-tank dedicated to addressing longevity, ageing and population change. For more information, and to view a list of our current Partners, click here.

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New data analysis reveals the vast market for health apps – including the 760,000 ‘living fast, dying young’ under 40s who smoke, drink frequently, have a smart phone and regularly use the internet.

We are recruiting for a temporary Events Coordinator to coordinate and support our busy events calendar for the remainder of 2018, build on our external communications and assist the Head of External Affairs on communications around our Future of Ageing conference.

New international report explores the relationship between life expectancy and productivity in developed countries.

ILC-UK are once again looking for someone to speak for 10 minutes on the plenary platform in front of 250 people at our annual Future of Ageing Conference (29th November, London).

“Auto-enrolment has successfully led to millions more saving each month towards a pension, but the Committee is right to call for action to get people saving more. We are pleased they support our recommendations to consider automatic escalation of pension contributions for some individuals, and we agree that a strategy is needed to automatically-enrol the self-employed."

Dr Brian Beach, Senior Research Fellow at ILC-UK and who gave oral evidence to the Committee, welcomes the Committee’s call for stronger action by Government and EHRC and says it’s crucial that employers understand what ageism really is.