With seven events and five report launches in January and February alone, ILC-UK have hit the 2014 road running.

We have been overwhelmed by the interest in our events this year with waiting lists exceeding 100 people now common and our events filling up within a couple of hours. Our Partnership Programme offers guaranteed places at ILC-UK events and ensures you wont miss out. You also get advance copies of our reports and more regular updates on our work. If you would like more information about becoming an ILC-UK partner please contact Noreen Siba, ILC-UK Managing Director, on

The update below brings you new reports, blogs and updates, along with information on upcoming ILC-UK events both confirmed and in the pipeline. This update is only sent out every couple of months. If you would like to keep on top of our latest news, please follow us on twitter.


ILC-UK Publications

The Future Care Workforce
This report reviews the state of the adult social care workforce and how it may have to evolve to meet the challenges it is likely to face over the coming decade.This report was supported by Anchor.

Linking state pension age to longevity - tackling the fairness challenge
This discussion paper, “Linking state pension age to longevity: Tackling the fairness challenge”, summarises the key issues regarding the use of life expectancy measures in UK policy, and has been published as part of the Age UK Research Fellowship.

Demystifying non-mortgage borrowing in older age: a longitudinal approach
This new research by Andrea Finney of PFRC at the University of Bristol reveals the persistence of debt in old age as the “squeezed middle age” struggle with the costs of both essentials and childcare expenses.

The relationship between mental wellbeing and financial management among older people
Using data from the UK’s largest social survey, Understanding Society, this research reveals that people who are struggling to manage their finances in old age have eight times the odds of having reduced levels of mental wellbeing.

The end of the Census
A Partnership Population Patterns Seminar Series brief.
ILC-UK, supported by the specialist insurance company, Partnership Assurance Group plc, has begun to undertake a series of events to explore the relationship between our changing demography and public policy. We started the series by exploring how proposals to change the way we undertake our Census may impact on our ability to understand our future society.

I can’t afford to die. Addressing funeral poverty
This report is a representation of an event hosted at the International Longevity Centre-UK in January 2014 on ‘The cost of dying in an ageing society’.
The meeting was intended to discuss and debate funeral costs and how people could be supported to prepare for these in advance, manage them at the time of need, and deal with the ongoing financial impact of bereavement.


ILC-UK Events

ILC-UK Population Patterns Seminar Series

Following a successful start to the ILC-UK Population Patterns series in November 2013 with 'The End of the Census? Population Patterns Seminar Series supported by Partnership', we have a further five events scheduled and in the pipeline for 2014.

More details are available on our website.

‘Community Matters’ Seminar Series

ILC-UK and Age UK are holding a series of research and policy seminars which will explore how our communities need to adapt to an ageing society. The series will focus on action needed by policymakers today to meet the future challenges and maximise the opportunities our ageing society presents.

More details are available on our website. If you would like to attend any of these events, please email including the title of the event in your message.

Balancing the books: financial wellbeing in later life
06th March 2014, 13:30 (for 14:00) - 17:30, London

At this event we will hear research findings from the joint programme ‘Financial dimensions of well-being in older age’ from the Personal Finance Research Centre (PFRC) and the International Longevity Centre-UK (ILC-UK), funded by the ESRC as part of the Secondary Data Analysis Initiative.

We have a few remaining spaces available at this event. To attend, please register via the below link:

2014 ILC-UK events calendar
 As we continue to arrange events for 2014, please do check the EVENTS tab of the ILC-UK website on a regular basis for updates. If you are interested in working with us on an event in 2014, please email Lyndsey Mitchell at


ILC-UK Blogs

Recently on the ILC-UK blog we’ve been discussing why Europe’s economy needs more older workers, investigating the possible ramifications of changes to the Census and examining why methods of payment vary by age.

We’ve also been continuing to explore alcohol across the life-course as part of our work with the Personal Finance Research Centre (PFRC), with the latest update in the series highlighting how alcohol expenditure changes as we age.

We are continuing to publish guest blogs, and have heard from Amelia Chong on why the demographic time bomb has been delayed but not defused from Anna Goodman asking how can we improve our understanding of loneliness in older age, and from Chris Sherwood  on the important role relationships play in later life. We have also heard from Alex Hughes on Aviva’s five point plan for a better retirement.

Finally, as the leading think tank on demographic change we continually analyse the financial implications of our ageing society. We’ve been questioning the significance of the recent rise in mortgage approvals, investigating why some groups of older people may be more vulnerable to unconventional sources of credit, and calling on Government and business to embrace initiatives that seek to encourage and support longer working lives.

You can access the ILC-UK blog here; and the ILC Global Alliance blog here. If you would like to write a guest blog for us, please contact

Call for blog pieces
The Commission on the Voluntary Sector and Ageing (of which ILC-UK is an organising partner) are calling for blogs on topics of interest to the Commission. These should be fairly short (300-500 words), informal and chatty. For an idea of content and style, the Commission’s previous blogs are available at If you would like to submit a blog piece, please email Susie Rabin


ILC-UK out and about

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Age International, PFRC and ILC-UK debate – Understanding wellbeing in old age across the world: lessons from across the “developing/developed” country divide

Monday 31st March 2014; 10:30 (for 11:00 start) - 14:00; Age International, Tavis House, 1-6 Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9NA

This debate will be hosted by Baroness Sally Greengross. Following introductory remarks from Age International, Jessica Watson of ILC-UK will present new work using a major international dataset – the World Values Survey – about levels of self-reported financial satisfaction. Analysing data from 56 countries over six continents, these findings throw new light on levels of financial satisfaction within and between countries. This analysis has been made possible by the ESRC SDAI initiative.

Please be aware that recent ILC-UK events have booked up very quickly. If you are interested in attending this event, please do not hesitate to register via the below link:

International Longevity Centre Global Alliance
ILC-UK is a member of the International Longevity Centre Global Alliance.

The ILC Global Alliance currently includes centres in the United States of America, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, the Dominican Republic, India, South Africa, Argentina, the Netherlands, Israel, Singapore, Czech Republic, China and Brazil. These centres work both autonomously and collaboratively to study how greater life expectancy and increased proportions of older people impact nations around the world and seek to offer solutions to the effects of these impacts.

More information about the ILC Global Alliance and its members can be found on the ILC Global Alliance website.


Working with ILC-UK

Commissioning ILC-UK research and supporting an ILC-UK event

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The ILC-UK Partnership Programme

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Are you looking for a short-term paid role in a think tank over the summer?
The independent think tank the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK) is seeking a summer intern to start on Monday 23 July. The intern would work 4 days a week for a period of 4 weeks, with the possibility of extension.

New research ‘An Economic Analysis of Flu Vaccination’ paints a picture of lives saved and costs averted, but more needs to be done to increase uptake

Ben Franklin, Assistant Director of Research and Policy comments on the role of public policy, industry and consumer bodies in assisting the regulator to protect consumers.

On 19th June entries opened for the Innovating for Ageing initiative, a competition to identify solutions to the challenges facing vulnerable consumers.

The International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK) and Just Group have analysed the submissions and created a shortlist to take forward that helps deal with ageing issues such as cognitive decline, failing physical health, loneliness and digital exclusion.

We are looking for an experienced, flexible and proactive candidate to support the Senior Management Team in managing the financials of the organisation.