The February edition of the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK) newsletter.

In this edition we cover:

  • ILC Global Alliance Website
  • New ILC-UK Publications
  • New ILC-UK Blog Posts
  • ILC-UK in the News
  • ILC-UK Out and About
  • Dates for the Diary
    • ILC-UK and the Actuarial Profession Joint Debates: ‘The Future Economic, Health and Social Care Costs of Dementia’, Edinburgh (9th February) and London (1st March)
    • Symposium: ‘Growing Older in Urban Environments: Perspectives from Japan and the UK’ (28th/29th March)
    • ILC-UK Seminar Series supported by Partnership. ‘The Future of Care Funding - What is the Role for the Private Sector?’ (5th April/17th May/2nd June)
  • The London Marathon


ILC Global Alliance Website

The ILC-UK was recognised as being responsible from now on for the development and maintenance of the ILC Global Alliance website. The website is under completion and will be launched soon (date to be announced).


New ILC-UK Publication

Consumption Patterns Among Older Consumers - Statistical Analysis


New ILC-UK Blog Posts

Guest Blog - Stephen Burke “United for all ages”

Inflation hits older people hardest, despite the boomer-bashing fad (Craig Berry)

Ed Miliband’s alternative economy lacks detail on financial services (Craig Berry)

Housing and the Older Consumer (David Sinclair)

The Flu Crisis. Why we need an adult immunisation strategy (David Sinclair)

Guest Blog - Henry Tapper “A definitive solution to the annuity crisis”

Guest Blog - Dick Stroud (20 plus 30)

Nudging towards health? (Rebecca Taylor)

Research and the Older Consumer (Jessica Watson)

Passing educational inequalities across the generations? (Dylan Kneale)

Localism, Housing and Care (Peter Barnett)

“It’s beautiful, but a blooming nuisance!” - Snow, shopping, and older people (Rebecca Taylor)

The case for “Lighter Later” (David Sinclair)

Vitamin D and Calcium - Time to Change the Dietary Requirements? (Rebecca Taylor)


ILC-UK in the News

Rebecca Taylor, Senior Researcher at the ILC-UK, wrote an article entitled “What are functional foods and what can they do?” in the February edition of the journal “Nursing & Residential Care” (Volume 13, No 2).

The ILC-UK was mentioned in "Let's take the housing fight to wealthy owners with empty spare rooms" in the Guardian:



ILC-UK Out and About

In December Baroness Sally Greengross addressed the Association of Retirement Housing Managers Winter Conference as its President; spoke at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers on train accessibility targets and also chaired a global ageing and development workshop.

Next week she will be speaking at a conference for senior civil servants on meeting the housing needs of an ageing population and in March, discussing the older consumer, at the Age UK ‘Agenda for Later Life’ conference.

In Parliament she has recently taken part in debates on front-line and specialised services in the NHS and also on violence against women, particularly in post-conflict situations in developing countries.

Sally has been asked to chair the EASYCare National Advisory Council, an initiative headed up by Professor Ian Philp, and also be a member of the BT Inclusion Leadership Panel Advisory Board.


Dates for the Diary

ILC-UK and the Actuarial Profession Joint Debates: The Future Economic, Health and Social Care Costs of Dementia, Edinburgh and London
Kindly supported by Pfizer.

09 February 2011. 16.00 - 18.30, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, 9 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JQ.
01 March 2011. 16.00 - 18.30, the Actuarial Profession, Staple Inn Hall, High Holborn, London, WC1V 7QJ.

These events are free and open to all; however registration is required.

To find out more details and to register please visit:
9 February, Edinburgh
1 March, London

Symposium: 'Growing Older in Urban Environments: Perspectives from Japan and the UK’.
28/29 March Church House, Westminster, London

Economic and Social Research Council/Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science/International Longevity Centre

The aim of the Symposium will be to examine the impact of demographic change on major cities in Japan and the UK, many of whom will have populations of 30 per cent or more aged 60 and over by 2020. If you are interested in further information about this event please contact as soon as possible.

ILC-UK Seminar Series supported by Partnership. The Future of Care Funding - What is the Role for the Private Sector?
5 April/17 May/2 June

The private sector’s role in care. 5 April. 4pm to 7pm, 11 Tufton Street, London.
Visions for care funding. 17 May, 4pm to 7pm. 11 Tufton Street, London.
Creating a market for innovation in care. 2 June. 4pm to 6pm. 11 Tufton Street, London.

We anticipate that this seminar series will fill very quickly so please visit the event webpage if you would like to attend.


The London Marathon

ILC-UK Head of Policy and Research, David Sinclair, is running the London Marathon for Helpage International and Openage (a small older people's charity) Pleas.e do donate to support him if you can.

Find ILC-UK on:




Just and ILC-UK ‘Innovating for Ageing’ project calls for submissions on problems relating to consumer vulnerability

Life expectancy and health outcomes worsen the more deprived an area or population is, new research from Cass Business School has found.

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The Communities and Local Government Committee has today released their report on Housing for Older People featuring oral and written evidence from Senior Research Fellow Dr Brian Beach.

The International Longevity Centre - UK hosts an annual full day conference to bring together representatives from Government, business, academia and civil society to discuss the Future of Ageing.

ILC-UK are recruiting for a Research Fellow to join the team