As the days get colder and the nights longer, we hope this edition of the ILC-UK update finds you winding down to the festive season.

Below you will find updates on recent publications and blogs which we hope will be of interest to you, along with details of two series of events taking place in 2014, and information about a January event on the cost of dying.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support throughout 2013, and we look forward to new and exciting projects and events in 2014.


ILC-UK Publications

Impact of an ageing population on service design and delivery in rural areas

2013 Defra Rural Ageing Research by ILC-UK in conjunction with TNS-BMRB.
ILC-UK and TNS-BRMB were commissioned by DEFRA to conduct a study on how local service design and delivery needs to respond to an ageing rural population

Immune Response. Adult immunisation in the UK

An examination of the UK adult immunisation policy framework in light of new European research conducted by Supporting Active Ageing Through Immunisation (SAATI). This report incorporates evidence emerging from the SAATI report but takes a UK perspective on the findings.

This report has been funded through an unrestricted educational grant from Pfizer International Operations.

Adult vaccination - a key component of healthy ageing

Current societal and financial challenges are demanding a revision of how health budgets are spent with a view to increasing both savings and sustainability.
In light of these challenges, the SAATI Partnership has launched their report on “Adult vaccination: a key component of healthy ageing - Benefits of life-course immunisation in Europe” to raise awareness of the health and socio-economic benefits of a life-course approach to immunisation.

Grandparental Generosity

Financial transfers from grandparents to grandchildren.
England’s ageing population has resulted in grandparents playing an increasingly important role in the lives of their grandchildren. Exploring the dynamics of these relationships is crucial in order to create a complete understanding of various behaviours across the life course.
Supported by Key Retirement Solutions and Partnership, this report explores new research on the levels and patterns of financial support from grandparents found in the 2010 wave of the English Longitudinal Study on Ageing (ELSA).


ILC-UK Events

I can’t afford to die: Managing the cost of dying in an ageing society

Tuesday 21st January, 15:45pm to 18:30, 11 Tufton Street, London SW1P 3QB

How can the public, private and third sectors support the ageing population in managing the costs associated with dying, including the families and communities that people leave behind?

Through this event and report we will explore:
• How have the levels of mortality changed over the past century and what are the future trends?
• How many people might be in funeral poverty?
• Will we see more people facing funeral poverty in the future?
• Can the cost of dying be reduced?
• Can the Social Fund Funeral Payment be rescued?
• How can the insurance industry support the costs of dying?
• How should the Government respond to the impending challenges?

Community Matters Seminar Series

Over the next few months, ILC-UK will be working with Age UK on a series of research and policy seminars which will explore how our communities need to adapt to an ageing society.  The series will focus on action needed by policymakers today to meet the future challenges and maximise the opportunities our ageing society presents.

In February and March 2014, we will organise three round table research and policy discussion seminars on ‘At home’, ‘Getting out and about’ and ‘Ensuring communities offer what older people want’, for around 20 key experts including academics, policy makers, and opinion formers. All three of the discussion seminars will explore issues related to the broader research and policy discussions on age friendly cities and communities.

ILC-UK and Age UK will publish a short research paper ahead of each of the seminars. Following the seminars, ILC-UK will organise a major event to present the findings of the project for over 100 researchers, policy-makers, journalists and opinion-formers.

Please let us know if you would like to be involved in any of the seminars. Please also let us know if know if you are involved in any research we should incorporate into our series.

Continue to check the events tab on the ILC-UK website for dates and timings for these events.

Population Patterns Seminar Series supported by Partnership

Over the next 12 months, ILC-UK, supported by the specialist insurance company, Partnership Assurance Group plc, plans to undertake a series of events to explore the impact of demographic change on public policy.

This new ILC-UK Population Patterns Seminar Series will consider the evidence base of our changing demography and explore how policy-makers need to respond to demographic change.

Six seminars will be held over the next twelve months.

2014 ILC-UK events calendar
As we continue to arrange events for 2014, please continue to check the EVENTS tab of the ILC-UK website for updates. If you are interested in working with us on an event in 2014, please email Lyndsey Mitchell at


ILC-UK Blogs

Recently on the ILC-UK blog we’ve been discussing what constitutes a happy and secure retirement following the release of Aviva’s Autumn Real Retirement Report; responded to the news that age discrimination is the most common type of discrimination reported by older adults and demanded a concerted action by all agencies to work together and address the serious issue of dehydration among older people.

We have also reported on the intersessional meeting between the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals (OWG) and civil society, where a presentation on ageing was included for the first time ever. Rosy Pereyra from ILC-Dominican Republic, a member of the ILC-Global Alliance, argued that it is time policymakers realise that we are facing an “agequake“.

As part of our work with the Personal Finance Research Centre (PFRC), we’ve released preliminary results on the levels of self-reported financial satisfaction among the over-50s, finding that 80 per cent of older Britons are satisfied with their financial situation, and asked should we forget about ‘the older consumer’ at an expert roundtable on market segmentation.

We’re continuing to publish guest blogs, and have recently heard from Tarani Chandola investigating whether retirement age impacts mortality, from Sally Hunt discussing the results of our recent report on grandparental giving, and from Craig Berry and Richard Berry responding to Gus O’Donnell’s attack on older people’s benefits. We have also heard from Lyndsey Burton investigating how the Government can increase retirement planning and saving and from Carers UK announcing a ground breaking piece of research to improve the understanding of how people caring for loved ones with dementia can be supported to stay in work.

Finally, we have just launched two major pieces of work on adult immunisation as part of the Support Active Ageing through Immunisation coalition (SAATI). A blog discussing this important research is now on our site.

You can access the ILC-UK blog here; and the ILC Global Alliance blog here. If you would like to write a guest blog for us, please contact


ILC-UK out and about

Brian Beach, ILC-UK Research Fellow, organised and chaired a panel on ‘Working Longer in an Ageing Society’ at the Lifelong Health and Wellbeing Conference hosted by Crucible at UCL on 6th November. The panel included presentations on health over the life course and the impact on physical capacity, determinants of healthy life expectancy, and current trends in informal care and their impact on working later in life.



Support Active Ageing through Immunisation coalition (SAATI)

On November 13th the Support Active Ageing through Immunisation coalition (SAATI), launched a new report on adult immunisation in the European Parliament, ‘Adult vaccination: a key component of healthy ageing. Benefits of life-course immunisation in Europe’.

The launch was hosted by Rebecca Taylor MEP and was also addressed by: Antonios Lanaras (Health Attaché, Greek Permanent Representation to the EU), Martin Seychell (Deputy Director General Health & Consumers, European Commission) and Prof Javier Garau (SAATI Chair and former President ESCMID).

The event also featured a sobering account of the importance of immunisation by Danny Darche, who lost his baby daughter to whooping cough only 83 days after her birth.

The publication of this report card on adult immunisation across the European Union represents the synthesis of efforts across multiple work streams: an economic analysis of the cost effectiveness of adult immunisation, a policy analysis across the European Union as undertaken by ILC-UK and a work stream exploring barriers to more comprehensive adult immunisation programmes.

The report provides a strong case for adopting a life-course approach to immunisation within the context of healthy ageing; on the basis of evidence showing that adult immunisation programmes, especially for those aged above 50, can bring significant health and socio‐economic benefits.

Following this, ILC-UK launched ‘Immune response. Adult immunisation in the UK’ on November 19th, which incorporates evidence emerging from the SAATI report but takes a UK perspective on the findings.


Working with ILC-UK

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New research ‘An Economic Analysis of Flu Vaccination’ paints a picture of lives saved and costs averted, but more needs to be done to increase uptake

Ben Franklin, Assistant Director of Research and Policy comments on the role of public policy, industry and consumer bodies in assisting the regulator to protect consumers.

On 19th June entries opened for the Innovating for Ageing initiative, a competition to identify solutions to the challenges facing vulnerable consumers.

The International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK) and Just Group have analysed the submissions and created a shortlist to take forward that helps deal with ageing issues such as cognitive decline, failing physical health, loneliness and digital exclusion.

We are looking for an experienced, flexible and proactive candidate to support the Senior Management Team in managing the financials of the organisation.