Dementia research funding to more than double to £66m by 2015

Baroness Sally Greengross, Chief Executive of ILC-UK (International Longevity Centre – UK) said

“I am delighted dementia research has been finally afforded the priority it deserves. 

Dementia research has been historically underfunded compared to other major diseases.

Of the top four diseases affecting older people (dementia, cancer, stroke, heart disease), dementia accounts for 52% of public spending, but received only 6% of the research funding [1].

This new commitment from the Government signals a growing recognition that the cost of dementia is spiralling, exacting not only a heavy cost to the individual affected and their families, but also to our economy as a whole.

Without a cure for dementia and a greater understanding of diagnosis and treatments, dementia is set to overwhelm our already stretched health and social care systems”

This announcement was preceded by the work of the Ministerial Advisory Group on Dementia Research, which was established after pressure from across the academic, charity and research community, including the ILC-UK.

A report launched by ILC-UK in March 2011 highlighted the growing cost of dementia to the UK economy (2). It argued dementia research remained critically under-funded and under-valued and policy interventions were not proportionate or indeed appropriate in light of this growing challenge.  In a poll of over 150 attendees at the London debate, 93% of delegates either disagreed or strongly disagreed that the Government was prepared in terms of long-term strategies to respond to the increase in the number of people with dementia.



  2. The multimedia report which includes interviews with the speakers and attendees, an infographic summary, and all the results from the poll, can be found on the ILC-UK webpage at:


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