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  • A Tribute to Dr Robert Butler
  • New ILC-UK Publications
  • ILC-UK at the British Society of Gerontology (BSG) Conference
  • New ILC-UK Blog Posts
  • ILC-UK Out and About
  • ILC-UK Vacancy: Intern
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A Tribute to Dr Robert Butler

The ILC-UK is saddened by the loss of Dr. Robert N. Butler, founder of the first International Longevity Centre in the United States and Pulitzer prize-winning gerontologist. His invaluable contribution has changed the approach and research on ageing and longevity. Our Chief Executive, Baroness Sally Greengross, has written some words to remember her colleague, friend and leader of the International Longevity Centre Global Alliance:

New ILC-UK Publications

Ageism and Age Discrimination: Some Analytical Issues

The Future of Age

The International Longevity Centre – UK (Looking back over a decade of ILC-UK, and forward to the future of ageing and demographic change). Launched at an ILC-UK summer reception.

Living Longer is a Good Thing!

ILC-UK at the British Society of Gerontology (BSG) Conference

ILC-UK attended the recent BSG Conference at Brunel University. ILC-UK presented our early findings on forthcoming research on “Older Consumers” and “Gender and Dementia”. We wrote a number of blogs based on the research promoted at the conference.

ILC-UK @ BSG: Does Healthy Ageing Have a Cultural Lens (14th July 2010) (Rebecca Taylor)

ILC-UK @ BSG - Community Design and Fear
(12th July 2010) (David Sinclair)

ILC-UK @ BSG – Sleep in Old Age (12th July 2010) (David Sinclair)

ILC-UK @ BSG – The Impact of Extra Care on Frailty and Social Resources (9th July 2010) (Craig Berry)

ILC-UK @ BSG – Older People’s Transport Needs: Issues of Design and Access
(8th July 2010) (Craig Berry)

ILC-UK @ BSG - Home Carers and the Organisation of Time (8th July 2010) (Craig Berry)

New ILC-UK Blog Posts

Park-home Living – A Lifestyle Choice for Retirement?
(30th July 2010) (David Sinclair)

The Surprising Truth Behind Intergenerational Happiness (27th July 2010) (Sally Marie Bamford)

Obese at 5 Years Old; What Hope to Work until 70?
(27 July 2010) (Rebecca Taylor)

Carrot and Stick Approach Necessary to Tackle Digital Exclusion (14th July 2010) (David Sinclair)

Guest Blog: Andrea Rozario – Director General of Ship
(12th July 2010)

The Cost of an Ageing Population will “Dwarf” the Financial Crisis
(29th June 2010) (David Sinclair)

Working into your 70s (as long as you’re healthy enough) (24th June 2010) (Rebecca Taylor)

The Economic Consequences of Low Fertility in Europe (22nd June 2010) (David Sinclair)

“See you in the mud”, Festivals of the Future (21st June 2010) (David Sinclair)

ILC-UK Out and About

ILC-UK Chief Executive, Baroness Sally Greengross, was involved in a number of All Party Parliamentary Group (AAPG) meetings before the parliamentary recess. She was nominated as chair of the APPG on Dementia and chaired the AGM for the APPG on Ageing and Older People. She also chaired an APPG Intergenerational Futures meeting on pension provision as well as the Associate Parliamentary Corporate Responsibility Group’s meeting on adapting to climate change. Sally took part in several debates in parliament as well as asking Her Majesty’s Government ‘What steps the Government is taking to implement the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities?’

Sally spoke at several important events including Inside Government’s Annual Housing in an Ageing Population Conference (14 July), the Runnymede Trust’s launch event on ethnic minority older people and financial inclusion (20 July) and the Nutricia roundtable on Older People and Malnutrition. She was also delighted to address the Greater London Authority Older People’s Assembly on the 5 August.

Baroness Greengross will be attending and speaking at the World Demographic & Ageing Forum’s 6th World Ageing & Generations Congress 2010 from the 25-27 August. She is involved in three special sessions: Ageing and Development – Policy to Practice; Ageing and Healthcare Reform in the US, the UK and The Netherlands; and the Challenges of Acceptability of Vaccination in the Silver Population.

Sally will be taking the role as lead Commissioner on the Equality & Human Rights Commission’s inquiry into the human rights of older people requiring or receiving care and support. She will also be chairing Westminster City Council’s Social Care Commission.

ILC-UK Vacancy: Intern

The ILC-UK is seeking to recruit an intern for a six month placement if possible and at least a minimum commitment of three months with a flexible starting date in late September or early October 2010. The closing date for applications is Friday, 27th August 2010. Applicants should send a CV and covering letter stating their suitability and availability to Rhiannon Freeland, Operations Manager, International Longevity Centre, For more information please visit:

Date for the Diary

ILC-UK and Actuarial Profession Joint debate: The economics of preventative health

ILC-UK and the Actuarial Profession are organizing a joint debate on “The Economics of Preventative Health in an Ageing Society”, kindly supported by Sanofi Pasteur MSD. The event will take place at the Institute of Actuaries, Staple Inn Hall, London on 3 November 2010 at 16.00 for a 16.30 start. The event will seek to address a number of questions including:

  • Does an ageing society make preventative healthcare a necessity?
  • How can the economic benefit of health prevention best be assessed?
  • How can preventative healthcare support continued employment and well-being in the over 50s?

The opening speech will be given by a leading academic in the field of Health Economics followed by a case study on adult vaccination. Panelists will include representatives from government, the NHS and employers.

If you would like to attend this event, please email Please state the name and date of the event in your email.

ILC-UK and the Actuarial Profession in partnership with Age UK. joint debate: The older consumer

ILC-UK and the Actuarial Profession, in Partnership with Age UK, are organizing a debate on “The older consumer” on 23 November 2010. ILC-UK will present a new piece of research which will be published with the support of Age UK.

If you would like to attend this event, please email Please state the name and date of the event in your email.

ILC-UK Debate: The impact of localism on the homes and communities of older people

ILC-UK, in partnership with Anchor Housing and Audley and the support of ARUP, will hold an event on 29 November 2010 on “Delivering lifetime homes and neighbourhoods - the role and impact of localism”

If you would like to attend this event, please email Please state the name and date of the event in your email.

ILC-UK in the News

ILC-UK Chief Executive Baroness Greengross responded to the Government announcement of the end of the Default Retirement Age:

Craig Berry, Senior Researcher at the ILC-UK has written some articles for external websites:

ILC-UK Online

Currently the top 5 2010 downloads on the ILC-UK website are:

  1. Integrated Care: a Guide for Policymakers
  2. Obesity in the UK
  3. The Fictions, Facts and Future of Older People and Technology
  4. A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved? Dementia: Learning Opportunities from Europe
  5. The Future of Retirement

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The independent think tank the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK) is seeking a summer intern to start on Monday 23 July. The intern would work 4 days a week for a period of 4 weeks, with the possibility of extension.

New research ‘An Economic Analysis of Flu Vaccination’ paints a picture of lives saved and costs averted, but more needs to be done to increase uptake

Ben Franklin, Assistant Director of Research and Policy comments on the role of public policy, industry and consumer bodies in assisting the regulator to protect consumers.

On 19th June entries opened for the Innovating for Ageing initiative, a competition to identify solutions to the challenges facing vulnerable consumers.

The International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK) and Just Group have analysed the submissions and created a shortlist to take forward that helps deal with ageing issues such as cognitive decline, failing physical health, loneliness and digital exclusion.

We are looking for an experienced, flexible and proactive candidate to support the Senior Management Team in managing the financials of the organisation.