The April edition of the International Longevity Centre-UK (ILC-UK) newsletter.

Hello and welcome to the April edition of the International Longevity Centre-UK (ILC-UK) newsletter.

In this edition we cover:

  • Dates for the Diary
  • New ILC-UK Publications
  • New ILC-UK Blog Posts
  • New Staff Members
  • ILC-UK Out and About
  • ILC-UK Website

Dates for the Diary

ILC-UK and the Actuarial Profession joint debate: The future of age

ILC-UK and the Actuarial Profession are organising a joint debate on "The Future of Age", kindly sponsored by BT. The event will take place at the Actuarial Profession, Staple Inn Hall, London on 28 April 2010 at 16.00 for a 16.30 start. Speakers include Ian Pearson, Dr Nicola Millard, Professor Rowan Harwood and Martin Weale. More details and an updated list of speakers are available here.

The event is fully subscribed, however, if you would like to be added to the reserve list please email and we will notify you if a place becomes available.

ILC-UK and Actuarial Profession joint debate: Pensions reform after the election: Can consensus be maintained?

For advanced notice, the next ILC-UK/Actuarial Profession event will be on 15th June 2010 on "Pension Reform after the Elections: Can Consensus be Maintained?". Invitations to this event will be sent out in the next few weeks.

New ILC-UK Publications

Where next for Pension Reform? How can we encourage people to save?
ILC-UK policy paper setting out proposals for further pension reform:

The Economic Value of Healthy Ageing and Working Longer

This report summarises two public debates on "The Economic Value of Healthy Ageing and Working Longer":

Book Review - David Willetts: "The Pinch"
The ILC-UK reviews David Willetts recent book on intergenerational fairness:

Personalisation, Nutrition and the Role of Community Meals
A report from a round table discussion on Personalisation and Community Meals chaired by Baroness Greengross:

So, you want to be elected?
This new ILC-UK Think-Piece from Andrew Harrop, Director of Policy and Public Affairs for Age UK, considers the impact of the 'grey vote' at the next General Election:

New ILC-UK Blog Posts

We have published a number of new posts to the ILC-UK Blog. The posts are accessible through or via the links below:

The latest ONS statistics point to a difficult future for pensions (Craig Berry)

Building a National Care Service White Paper-Prevention and Well-Being (Rebecca Taylor)

Building a National Care Service White Paper-Technology and Care (David Sinclair)

Lo and behold, pensions are an election issue (Craig Berry)

Building a National Care Service White Paper-the funding model (Craig Berry)

Jury service can be extended to the over 70s
(Rebecca Taylor)

Guest Blog -Funding social care- on the right track? (Richard Humphries, Senior Fellow at the King’s Fund)

Rising state pension age demands that we challenge inequalities
(Craig Berry)

Fixing public sector pensions requires cooler heads to prevail (Craig Berry)

Audit Commission says Councils not doing enough to prepare for ageing populations
(Rebecca Taylor)

Baroness Greengross: Government should extend job guarantees to over 50's

"Could do better"– the verdict on health inequalities in England (David Sinclair and Rebecca Taylor)

New Staff Members

We are excited to announce three new staff members who have joined us in the past weeks: Rebecca Taylor and Craig Berry as Senior Researchers and Valentina Serra as a Research and Operations Assistant.

Craig joined ILC-UK in March 2010. He has a BA in Politics and an MA in Research Methods from the University of Sheffield, and completed his PhD on globalisation and UK trade policy-making in 2009. Before joining ILC-UK he worked as a Policy Advisor on Older People and State Pensions at HM Treasury, and has also worked at the University of Manchester. Craig has particular interests in pension policy, welfare reform, and employment issues.

Rebecca Taylor joined ILC-UK in February 2010. Rebecca has a BA in Management Studies and Japanese from the University of Leeds and an MA in International Relations from the University of Kent and soon will begin a part-time Masters degree in public health. Rebecca’s has over 10 years experience in EU and UK public affairs (in-house and agency) mainly in the health sector. Rebecca is particularly interested in healthy ageing and nutrition.

Valentina joined the ILC-UK in September 2009 as an Intern and became the Research and Operation Assistant in March 2010. She has a BA in Political Science and a MA in Politics and Comparative Institutions from the University of Milan. Valentina has a specific interest in global ageing.

Also we are pleased to let you know that Lisa Wilson, who has been specialising in issues of health and ageing particularly nutrition and older people at ILC-UK, is expecting her baby in June and is going on maternity leave from 12 May. We will miss her and hope that she will be back working with us in the future.

ILC-UK Out and About

ILC-UK Chief Executive, Baroness Sally Greengross has spoken at a number of recent events including the Laing and Buisson 2010 Annual Extra-Care Housing Conference, 24 February; the GovNet Ageing Population Conference, 25 February and two seminars on personalisation: the Skills for Care Personalisation and the Workforce, 17 February and the Unison Who Cares? Who Pays? Personalisation and Social Care, 23 March. Sally also chaired the Light for Sight Framework launch for the Thomas Pocklington Trust on the 23 March.

Sally was asked to chair the Ditchley Foundation Conference on the Impact of Ageing on Developed Economies, 22-24 April but it was sadly cancelled due to travel disruptions.

ILC-UK Online

ILC-UK has seen a significant growth in the number of visitors over the past two and a half years. In February and March 2010 we had the highest number of visitors ever since the launch of the website.

At the current time the top 5 2010 downloads are:

  1. Integrated Care: a Guide for Policymakers
  2. The Fictions, Facts and Future of Older People and Technology
  3. A problem shared is a problem halved? Dementia: Learning opportunities from Europe
  4. Report from the Ministerial Summit on Dementia Research
  5. Obesity in the UK

You can now find ILC-UK on Linkedin at: ILC-UK on LinkedIn

About ILC-UK

The International Longevity Centre-UK is an independent, non-partisan think-tank dedicated to addressing issues of longevity, ageing and population change. We develop ideas, undertake research and create a forum for debate.

The ILC-UK was established in 2000 to explore and address the new longevity revolution and its impact on the life-course and society. It provides the visionary approach needed for individual and societal planning to ensure a progressive, economically viable and socially inclusive tomorrow for all.

The ILC-UK is a registered charity (no. 1080496) incorporated with limited liability in England and Wales (company no. 3798902).

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Just and ILC-UK ‘Innovating for Ageing’ project calls for submissions on problems relating to consumer vulnerability

Life expectancy and health outcomes worsen the more deprived an area or population is, new research from Cass Business School has found.

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The International Longevity Centre - UK hosts an annual full day conference to bring together representatives from Government, business, academia and civil society to discuss the Future of Ageing.

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