ILC-UK and Electrical Safety First are undertaking an Inquiry into electrical safety in an ageing society, and we are calling for expert opinions on the two broad themes of housing and dementia.

The overarching aim of the Inquiry will be to generate greater political and public awareness of electrical safety in an ageing society. Your opinions and evidence will be used to help form a report reviewing the current evidence base, and setting out a blueprint for future work in this area by providing recommendations for key policy makers.

I would be grateful if you could send an email to by the 30th September 2014 telling us:

On the subject of Housing and electrical safety:

• What is the current housing profile for older people in England?

• What is the current condition of housing for older people in England?

• How can we ensure that older people are able to maintain high electrical safety standards in their homes?

• Can fuel poverty amongst older people affect electrical safety?

• How can we identify older people who may be ‘at risk’ of poor electrical safety?

• What will the housing conditions be like for the future old and how could this affect electrical safety?

And/or on Dementia and electrical safety:

• How could the symptoms of dementia effect electrical safety in the home?

• Could the type of dementia a person has affect the potential electrical safety risks?

• How can older people with dementia be enabled to stay in their homes longer without being placed at risk of electrical safety issues? What are the advantages of them staying in their own homes?

• Is there a role for ‘smart technology’ to reduce electrical safety hazards for dementia sufferers, both at home and in residential settings?

• What is the role for care homes in ensuring the electrical safety of people with dementia?

• What will the future look like in regards to the electrical safety of people with dementia?

These questions are by no means exhaustive; if you are able to provide any other additional information regarding electrical safety and older people please do get in touch.


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