We are currently looking to review and refresh the consultants we work with. As a small organisation which is continuing to grow in terms of work, reach and size, we often partner with consultants when we are low on capacity and/or require specific skills we do not possess in house.

To this end, we are looking to establish a small but diverse range of consultants who can contribute to our work in the following areas:

  • Health Economists - We are interested in working with individuals who have a particular expertise in health economics, i.e those who have expertise in studying the functioning of health markets, and with detailed experience of quantitatively evaluating health interventions.
  • Fiscal and Economic Policy – we are keen to work with economists who can provide robust economic analysis to help formulate our policy positions and build evidence to support them through leading on costings, public finances forecasting and interest/expertise in developing new models of analysis for ILC-UK.
  • Expert users of microdata - We are looking for individuals who are highly comfortable using big datasets such as ELSA, LCFS and WAS in order to derive robust insights about the behaviours of individuals over time.
  • Strong research and/or policy expertise in the following subjects linked to population ageing including but not exclusively - pensions and financial planning, poverty and life chances, health and social care, housing and design, the built environment, the older consumer, equalities and age discrimination.
  • Demography – we are interested in individuals who have expertise and research experience in analysing complex demographic surveys and demographic modelling, in particular a background in either demography, epidemiology, statistics. Consultants who have a track record of working on and preparing population survey datasets would be of interest.
  • Futurist, Trend Forecasting and Data Analytics – we are a futures based organisation and we are not simply about responding to population ageing today but rather anticipating and developing solutions for tomorrow. We are interested in experts who will help us to identify global, national and regional trends and disruptors across different sectors and markets.
  • Qualitative Research – we occasionally look to work with consultants on large qualitative aspects of research and would be particularly interested to hear from consultants with expertise in working with older and/or vulnerable groups.
  • Events and broader stakeholder engagement – alongside our research and policy analysis, we run a wide range of events, broader stakeholder engagement and influencing activity. We are particularly keen to hear from professionals who have a strong track record in delivering projects of this nature and organising high level events including fundraising events.

We would ask interested individuals to please send over their CV, with additional details of: availability/level of notice required for projects, estimated day or project rate and two references of past clients or previous employment.

If your skills and experience marry with our requirements then we would be keen to recognise you as an official ILC consultant on our webpage and of course, any involvement in projects would be attributed and acknowledged. Following on from this, we would look to hold an initial set up meeting to explore future potential projects.

For further details or to apply please email: Research and Strategy Director:

Further details and background on ILC-UK:

We are the ILC-UK, the leading think tank on ageing and demographic change. As an independent non-partisan charitable think tank, we are futures based, exploring sustainable solutions to some of the prescient challenges facing us today.

Established by Baroness Greengross in 2001, we generate strategic thinking on some of the most challenging issues facing us as national and global citizens. We are part of 17 ILC Centres, which extends our reputation and reach across the world.

Our overarching mission is to make a difference – not just in terms of delivering better outcomes for older people – but critically helping to create a fair, just and sustainable society for all, creating current and future wellbeing across society and the generations.

We generate strategic thinking on some of the most challenging issues facing us as national and global citizens. We produce rigorous yet accessible evidenced based research and thought leadership. Presenting current and futures research on economic policy, families and community, health and social care, migration and integration, transport and planning, work and wellbeing.

Issue and impact driven –we aim to improve public policy and practice both at the national and international level. We are solutions focussed and all our reports include targeted recommendations for future action.

We believe to have true impact as a think tank you need to combine robust and rigorous research methods with strong policy knowledge and adept communication. We are unique in our skills set, with a core team of 14, composed of former academics, Chief Executives, economists, policy advisors and speech writers. We are also supported in a work by a broader team of Trustees, leading advisors, consultants and our Academic and Emerging Researchers Board.

Our primary audiences and stakeholders are national and international governments, politicians, policy makers, thought leaders and opinion formers, business and industry, the third sector and other think tanks and researchers in the academic and non-academic sectors.

We have limited core funding (which is currently derived by a Partners Programme primarily composted of private sector organisations, though some Universities), with income primarily being generated by project based research, policy analysis and events.

We work with a range of leading corporate clients, including the financial and insurance sector, housing and retirement providers for example but have of late diversified income streams to include Government departmental funding for example DH, third sector funding mainly from ageing related charities, ESRC funding and other academic, grants and trust funding through working with academic partners. Please visit our website to see examples of our work and past clients.


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