Sustainable Older Society 2020 – Health is a major piece of work from ILC-UK, kindly supported by EY. Launched in July 2014, SOS 2020 Health will focus on fostering innovation in health and social care systems. Taking a global perspective to the most important challenges to health and social care, SOS 2020 aims to raise national and international awareness of problems and possible solutions, in which we all have a vested interest.


Year 1 of the project will source a bank of robust innovative case studies from a range of high, middle and low income countries. The case studies, grouped around emerging healthcare trends ILC-UK have identified, will highlight innovative ways in which countries are responding to the twin challenges of population ageing and financial pressures healthcare systems are experiencing. Importantly these case studies will provide examples of providing high-quality healthcare whilst improving the financial sustainability of these health systems.

Year 2 of the project will then apply some of these selected case studies from year 1 to different country settings. Using a policy on/policy off approach, ILC-UK will quantify the potential financial savings different countries can make, if they are able to adopt one or more of these innovations sourced in year 1. 

By the end of the 2 year project, ILC-UK and EY will have created a bank of robust innovative case studies, fully costed, which we believe show promise in creating sustainable healthcare systems in a global context. This important and timely piece of work will act as a ‘call to action’ to policy makers, highlighting the need to look beyond national borders for joint solutions and international learning.

For more information on the Sustainable Older Society 2020 programme, contact Jonathan Scrutton, Research Fellow at ILC-UK, at


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