he ILC-UK has launched a Commission Inquiry on Health and Wellbeing Innovation, supported by Audley Retirement Villages and EY.



he UK has

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Friday 6th April 2018

Just and ILC-UK ‘Innovating for Ageing’ project calls for submissions on problems relating to consumer vulnerability


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Since our last update, we have published two new reports, one on the international perspectives for

The Communities and Local Government Committee has today released their report on Housing for Older People following their enquiry into the topic. ILC-UK welcomes the conclusions and

As organisations concerned with the current and future wellbeing of our rapidly ageing society, the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK) and the International Federation on Ageing (

A new report providing a robust and unique examination into the benefits of music-based interventions for people with dementia will be presented to an audience of MPs, celebrities, policy-makers,

From all of us at ILC-UK, thank you for all of your support over the past year.

Without the ongoing commitment of stakeholders from Government, business, academia and civil society we would be

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Children as young as 7 affected by mental health problems more likely to be out of work by 55

  • Events in childhood and young adulthood can influence workforce participation in
  • mprovements to life expectancy and mortality rates have slowed across Europe during austerity years (2009 – 13)
  • T
  • he UK has seen the greatest fall in subjective health, with people of

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Embargoed Friday 24th November 2017 00.01

Older people spending more time in ill health as health inequalities increase

Older people are spending an increasing number of

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hink tank urges Government to ensure that more social care workers are protected against the flu
esponding to Simon Stevens’ call that NHS Trusts make an additional

This year's Future of Ageing Conference will play host to 10 different panel debates covering everything from automating care, ageism, innovation in housing and the end of life.

Eventbrite - The Future of Ageing Conference 2017:  Transforming Tomorrow Today


In response to the Office for Budget Responsibility's first Fiscal Risk report, which found that ageing and technology cost pressures make health spending the biggest risk to fiscal

‘When the drugs won’t work: Antimicrobial resistance and the future of medicine’, produced with funding from Pfizer, outlines what Governments, medical professionals and

Employers ‘letting down’ over 50s on risks of alcohol in later life – new report

  • Recent retirees are more likely to drink every day
  • Almost one third of older drinkers in

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5 December 2016

Think Tank urges action to improve uptake of Shingles Vaccine among older people

Responding to the news of falls in uptake of the

he Rt Hon. Stephen Dorrell, Chair of the NHS Confederation and former Secretary of State for Health and former Chair of the Health Select Committee, and Dwayne Johnson, Director of Adult Social

Since our June update, we have launched five new reports, including a landmark publication on the future of the UK welfare state; a report on the economic benefits of migration; and our annual



iggest ever study of its kind reveals attitudes towards alcohol and ageing could be leaving over 50s

The International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK) is organising its first major all day conference on The Future of Ageing, on Tuesday 24th November 2015 in London.

Confirmed speakers

  • he UK is home to some of the world’s leading innovation in healthcare but we can learn from successes in USA, India, Australia, Africa and Europe
  • LC-UK urge health leaders to work

Rethinking Cancer, a new report by the International Longevity Centre- UK (ILC-UK) quantifies the cost of cancer to the UK economy, its families and its communities. The independent report,

Ready for Ageing Alliance challenge the “myth of the baby boomer”

A new report by the Ready for Ageing Alliance seeks to bust the widely touted myth that there is a uniform group of

On the 24th November 2015, ILC-UK will be holding a day conference on ‘The Future of Ageing’. We will paint a picture of the future of ageing and explore the challenges and

  • hink tank urges continued focus on preventing ill health as research highlights that ill health and inactivity is not inevitable.
  • A
  • ge UK announce plans for annual “Greengross Lecture&

The Future of Transport in an Ageing Society, a new report by thinktank The International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK) and charity Age-UK, highlights the travel problems faced by millions

A Commission composed of health and hearing loss experts have welcomed the long awaited publication of the Action Plan on Hearing Loss

Baroness Greengross, Chief Executive of the ILC-UK and

New research by the ILC-UK reveals a continuing generational divide in access to and trust of health information. The research finds that older people are more likely to use and trust doctors and

A new report, published today, by the ILC-UK and supported by an unrestricted grant from Pfizer, explores where consumers go to seek out health information and who they trust. “Next

New research reveals:

  • The number of  people over 50 with a serious illness is set to increase
  • The 60-64 age group has the highest percentage of people who are first diagnosed with a

A nationwide end-of-life rights outreach service, My Life, My Decision, launches today (Thursday 27th November) in London with Care Minister the Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP, Baroness Greengross OBE and

Councils must ensure that spending cuts and short term targets do not undermine long-term investment in the prevention of ill health in old age.

‘Public health responses to an ageing

A growing generation of older men is facing a future of increased isolation. Meanwhile, the number of older men aged 65+ living alone is projected to rise by 65% between now and 2030. That’s


SOS 2020 is a major new programme of work led by ILC-UK which will raise awareness of the need to adapt our economy and society to the big strategic challenges posed by an ageing

A Provocation launched today explores potential savings to the state if we were able to intervene successfully on the risk factors that cause dementia- these include physical activity, smoking,

A report launched today presents new data to show not only the predicted growth in the number of people with hearing loss, which is set to account for almost 20% of the total population by 2031 [1],

Local and national policy-makers are failing to ensure that our communities meet the needs of all ages according to a new report, Community Matters. Making our Communities Ready for Ageing.

LC-UK are currently planning our activities at the 2014 Political Party Conferences. We hope to run a series of events on topics as diverse as pensions, health, employment, care and communities

he ILC-UK has launched a Commission seeking to address the significant and growing problem of hearing loss in the UK. Six million people in the UK experience hearing loss at a level where they

Report urges greater role for pharmacy in adult immunisation; the introduction of adult vaccination record card; and a review of whether the approach to vaccination of social care workers is

SAATI Partnership report shows gaps in current prevention policies for adults and highlights the importance of vaccination throughout life

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) along with

Extend the ‘flu jab to the over 50s to support healthy ageing, argues leading think tank

The International Longevity Centre- UK (ILC-UK) has today urged the Government to take a new life

ILC-UK's Rebecca Taylor has written a background paper for the OECD on policy reforms to support active and healthy ageing.

All OECD countries are experiencing unprecedented demographic

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Go to for live text and audio updates from the ILC-UK and Actuarial Profession Joint Debate: 'Future


The ILC-UK has today published a discussion paper, 'The Future of Health', which argues that the Government must begin to explore the long term options for paying for health.


A report by Professor Les Mayhew, of the Cass Business School, and presented to a joint meeting of the Actuarial Profession and the International Longevity Centre UK, argues that despite


The article: "Obesity in the UK: A review and comparative analysis of policies within the devolved administrations" is by Primrose Musingarimi, Senior Researcher at the ILC-UK.



ImpleMENTIS has been developed by Bristol-Myers Squibb, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. and the International Longevity Centre-UK working together with EUFAMI, the European Federation of

Published to coincide with World Hepatitis Day, the report - "European orientation towards the better management of hepatitis B in Europe" - was launched in Brussels at the European Parliament.

The Department of Health's "Change Agent Team" has published a report by the ILC-UK on how key data on the household characteristics of older people can inform and underpin local planning


This report presents findings from a new economic model on cost-benefit analyses for differing uptake and efficacy scenarios for the English flu vaccination programme.

From big data to blockchain, and gamification to AI and robotics, can technology help increase uptake of adult immunisations?

A report from the Commission on Dementia and Music.

This scoping review provides an overview of the current literature on inequalities in later life.

This research report from ILC-UK and the Uncertain Futures consortium examines extended working lives, the life course and retirement transitions.

This report by ILC-UK and renEWL features research on how working conditions, health and caring responsiblities affect workforce participation.

This report explores the relationship between austerity policies and public health across Europe.

ILC-Uk's 2017 Factpack explores retirement transitions and compares the experiences of today's 64 year olds with earlier generations.

This report has found that ageism and age discrimination in alcohol policy, practice and research is denying older people the treatment they need to recover from harmful drinking.

This information report provides an introduction to antimicrobial resistance, and the role each of us can play to help prevent medicine being 'plunged back into the dark ages'.

This major new report, supported by EY has found that whilst the UK is well placed to innovate to improve health outcomes and reduce costs, the UK is often not doing enough with the tools at its

This report investigates the possible benefits of retirement village life with respect to life expectancy.

What factors affect our experiences of our intimate relationships as we grow older? This report examines the sexual and intimate lives of older adults, using survey data of men and women aged 50

This report sets out the specific barriers and challenges faced by over 50s with current or previous drinking problems at three stages of labour market activity: unemployment, employment and

In this follow up to ILC-UK's 2015 report ‘Moved to Care’, jointly produced with Independent Age, we update our analysis of the future workforce shortages in adult social care in

The Ready for Ageing Alliance assess the Government's response to our rapidly ageing society and finds the UK is still not ready.

Despite significant increases in the numbers of older people living alone, half of all older people with care needs haven’t made adaptations to their homes to make them easier to live in.

A new report from the ILC-UK, commissioned by the Department for Health, is the first of its kind to examine a newly developed role in the adult social care sector.

A hidden population of over 50s at increasing risk from their drinking may well be hidden in plain sight according to the first 'State of the Nation' report from Drink Wise, Age Well.

The NHS should be supported to continue to invest in innovation in order to save more money in the long-term.

This report quantifies the cost of cancer to the UK economy, its families and its communities.

This report seeks to bust the widely touted myth that there is a uniform group of older people in the UK – so called baby boomers – who have benefitted at the expense of younger age

New research published today by the ILC-UK reveals a continuing generational divide in access to and trust of health information. The research finds that older people are more likely to use and

With demand for NHS services already under pressure, new analysis by the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK) and supported by Engage Mutual, the over-50s life cover specialists,

Human mortality remains at 100 percent; we all eventually die. Ideally, we should all be well informed on end of life choices and how we die should be in our own control.

Dehydration is an unnecessary and potentially dangerous state for those experiencing it.

This think piece, published by the ILC-UK, with the support of Sanofi Pasteur MSD, explores the extent to which England’s public health structures are able to respond to our ageing

The whole of Europe is going grey, but in Europe’s Ageing Demography, we show that Eastern Europe will be hit the hardest by the brewing demographic storm.

This report highlights how we can do more to prevent dementia, save lives and reduce avoidable costs.

The final report of the independent Commission on Hearing Loss, established by ILC-UK.

A report from ILC-UK and Age UK, taking a futures perspective on how communities need to adapt to an ageing society.

An investigation into linking state pension age to longevity and healthy life expectancy

An examination of the UK adult immunisation policy framework in light of new European research conducted by SAATI (Supporting Active Ageing Through Immunisation).

Current societal and financial challenges are demanding a revision of how health budgets are spent with a view to increasing both savings and sustainability.

We all know that people are living longer but how is that changing our society?

A Compendium of Essays highlighting the challenges and opportunities of ageing for women, launched in celebration of International Women’s Day 2013.

Extra Care Housing could play a major part in delivering better health outcomes and reducing the long term care costs facing older people

ILC-UK calls for a life course approach to adult immunisation starting with the flu jab for all over 50s

This report highlights the omission of ageing and of Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias from the current focus of the UN High-Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases, taking

Sexuality, intimacy, sexual behaviour and dementia in care homes

A new report launched today by ILC-UK, highlights the growing cost of dementia and posits that with the predicted rise in the number of people with dementia, the current level of investment into

A background paper for the OECD on policy reforms to support active and healthy ageing.

This ILC-UK think-piece seeks to widen the debate on funding long term care

A report from the International Longevity Centre Global Alliance dinner debate, Cape Town

The report reveals that the dementia research agenda in most EU countries remains critically under-funded and under-valued.

This report is based on the ILC-UK/Actuarial Profession joint debate on preventative healthcare in an ageing society which took place on 3 November 2010. The debate was kindly supported by Sanofi

Functional foods can play a role in supporting older people’s health says ILC-UK report.

A new report highlighting the urgent need to improve patient outcomes and care for the 2 million women affected by osteoporosis.

We face a future of more demands on the health service at a time when we already see health inequalities and complaints about the non-acute care which older people receive in hospitals.

This report summarises the presentations, discussions and ideas which emerged from the Ministerial Dementia Research Summit held in July 2009 at the Royal Society in London.

This policy brief is the third and final publication of a series focusing on policies addressing obesity in the UK.

Two of the most challenging public heath problems that account for significant morbidity and mortality are smoking and obesity. Over the last 20 years, while smoking prevalence rates have declined,

Obesity is a major public health problem in the UK. This report provides a comprehensive review of innovations and problems in tackling this challenge in light of devolution.

The increasing proportion of very old people in the population means that how to 'age well', even in later old age, is now an important issue for policymakers and researchers, as well as

The latest in the international benchmark State of Ageing series.

This report aims to drive improvements in the lives of people with severe mental illness by identifying the key priority areas for European governments

A comprehensive set of policy recommendations for tackling the forgotten problem of malnutrition in the community setting, specifically among older people.

The ILC-UK's Director of Research, Dr Suzanne Wait, has contributed to the report: Hepatitis B - Revealing a Silent Killer.

A policymaker's guide to the important and evolving agenda for the integration of health and social care.


Wednesday, 28th March 2018; 09:15 (for 09:45) - 11:45; Sunley Pavilion, Royal Festival Hall, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX

A debate considering the health and employment of older workers.

In an ageing society, has preventative healthcare become an economic necessity?

ILC-UK and the Actuarial Profession joint debate: The economic value of healthy ageing and working longer, London & Edinburgh

To accommodate an ageing population people will need to work for longer but to what extent is this happening in reality and to what extent do barriers to working longer include poor health?

The increasing proportion of very old people in the population means that how to 'age well', even in later old age, is now an important issue for policymakers and researchers, as well as

Age and Work in Health and Care: lessons from a European project

"The State of Ageing in Europe" Report - jointly authored by ILC-UK and The Merck Institute

The majority of malnutrition occurs in the community; older people are at particular risk and much of malnutrition is preventable.

The Personalised is Political: Pharmacogenetics and medical futures.