Wednesday 6th November 2013, 17:30 - 19:00, Roberts 106, Roberts Building, UCL, Torrington Place, London, WC1E 7JE

In collaboration with CRUCIBLE at UCL
Part of the UCL Festival of Ageing

According to recent ONS figures, the average age at which people retire is rising. In addition, government is keen to promote an extension of working lives due to the fiscal pressures of population ageing. However, working into later life is more complex than simply delaying the official retirement age; influential factors will also cause particular changes as society as a whole grows older.

‘Working Longer in an Ageing Society’ is a panel discussion focussing on the issues of extending working lives. Organised and chaired by the International Longevity Centre (ILC-UK), this event will feature perspectives from UCL academics and representatives from Carers UK to explore some of the salient issues related to working to later ages, with particular awareness of the role that health and wellbeing play.

17:30  Welcome & Opening Remarks
Mr Brian Beach, ILC-UK

17:35  Presentations
Prof Diana Kuh, UCLWork, health and ageing in the baby boom generation: evidence from the MRC 1946 British birth cohort study’
Ms Jenny Head, UCL ‘Determinants of Healthy Life Expectancy and Extending Working Lives’
Ms Katherine Wilson, Carers UK ‘The Intersection of Care and Work in an Ageing Population’

18:20  Questions & Discussion

18:55  Closing Remarks
Mr Brian Beach, ILC-UK