Equality and Human Rights,Global Ageing,Longevity,Quality of Life

Tuesday 8th May; 16:00 – 17:30; Mercer, 1 Tower Place East, EC3R 5BU, London

On 8th May we had the lecture by Professor Julie Byles of ILC-Australia on the topic of 'Women’s health across the life-course and across the generations – Lessons from Australia'. We are grateful to Mercer for hosting this event.

In addition to her role at ILC Australia, Professor Byles is Global Innovation Chair in Responsive Transitions in Health and Ageing at the University of Newcastle in Australia.

Professor Byles’ research focus is on how people can age well, with an eye to understanding the factors that influence and promote healthy ageing. Julie was also involved in the establishment of the ground-breaking Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health (ALSWH). This study explores three cohorts of women: those aged 18 – 25, 46 – 51 and 70 – 75.

Professor Julie Byles' presentation slides from the event are available to view below: