Church House, Westminster, London, March 28/29 2011

The aim of the Symposium was to examine the impact of demographic change on major cities in Japan and the UK, many of whom will have populations of 30 per cent or more aged 60 and over by 2020. The ageing of urban populations will present a major challenge for areas such as: transportation; technology; design and planning; housing; and the organisation of health and social care. The Symposium brought together researchers and policy makers from both countries involved in developing new approaches to improving the quality of life of older people living in urban environments. The Symposium  drew upon case studies from the World Health Organisation's 'Age Friendly Cities' programme which has active involvement from cities in Japan and the UK:

The Symposium was organised around four main themes:

  • State of the art reviews of research in Japan and the UK on urbanisation and ageing populations
  • Case studies of initiatives designed to improve the 'age friendliness' of urban environments
  • Assessment of the main policy challenges around urbanisation and ageing.
  • Potential research collaborations between Japan and the UK on ageing and the urban environment (workshops).

Location: Church House Conference Centre, London

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