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Important notice: This event is now postponed. 

We will be notifying people as soon as this event has been rescheduled 

ILC-UK are launching a new policy report on social connections and wellbeing in older age at The International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK) Boardroom, 11 Tufton Street, London, on Thursday 16th October, 15:30 (for a 16:00 start) – 18:00. This project is a collaboration between UCL and ILC-UK, and was kindly funded by ESRC.

This important report will highlight the key findings of new research, undertaken by Professor Andrew Steptoe, Dr Snorri Rafnsson and Dr Aparna Shankar, identifying the aspects of social connections which are most relevant to well-being in older adults. The research aims to answer a series of questions including:

  • Which aspects of social connections are associated with life satisfaction, quality of life and positive affect in older adults?
  • How does well-being change over time amongst older adults?
  • How does the experience of different caregiving transitions vary with socioeconomic circumstances, health and relationship status?
  • What is the longitudinal impact of caregiving transitions on positive and negative emotional wellbeing in later life?

The report will then link the findings to current policy to make a series of recommendations.

As loneliness and isolation shoot up the public agenda as a priority, this research will add a new dimension to the debate currently being played out in Government and the media. The event will include presentations from the researchers, and responses from a panel of experts, before the debate is opened up to the floor for questions. This will be followed by a wine reception.