In celebration of International Women’s Day,  ILC-UK held an afternoon tea in the House of Lords on the subject of older women, on Thursday the 7th March 2013.

The event saw the launch of our Compendium of Essays penned by politicians, academics, journalists and representatives from the private and voluntary sector entitled:  Ageing and Women – Has the sisterhood forgotten older women?

While it is widely acknowledged the world is ageing, the intersection of age with gender has been historically ignored. Invariably women and men, as they age, share many of the same fundamental needs, yet, as is acknowledged in many parts of the world, older women are not only subject to specific challenges, but also critically, as noted above make significant contributions to their family, communities and wider society that are often overlooked.

Therefore, on the eve on Interntational Women's Day, and with female only speakers,  this event was an opportunity to discuss how we can progress the needs and rights of older women at both the UK and International level.

This event was kindly supported by Pfizer.