Pensions,Quality of Life,Work and Retirement

House of Lords, Westminster, London; Thursday 13th June; 08:30 (for a 09:00 start) – 10:30
Coffee and light refreshments served from 08:30.

Demographic change means that more people will live past the point where they require care. As the increase in life expectancy looks set to continue, we need to develop enterprising and innovative ways to help people save and plan for this eventuality and bring new money into the care system. If people are to save for their future, especially people who are on lower incomes or are less wealthy, it is essential that they have opportunities to do so in a way that is simple, attractive, engaging, and safe, and which provides them with more choice about the care and support they would like. Equally, they must not be penalised for having done so through means tested support. This is what Personal Care Savings Bonds are intended to be all about.

This event, chaired by Baroness Sally Greengross, talked about the possibility of bringing new money into the social care system through Personal Care Savings Bonds. Co-author, Professor Les Mayhew of Cass Business School, presented this new concept before opening the debate for wider discussion.

'Personal Care Savings Bonds - a new way of saving towards social care in later life' can be downloaded from the ILC-UK Publications page.

The slides from the event can be viewed below: