Health,Intergenerational,Older Consumers,Work and Retirement

The Actuarial Profession, Staple Inn Hall, High Holborn, London WC1V 7QJ, 16:00, 22 November 2011

A debate considering the health and employment of older workers.

Demographic change means that many organisations now employ greater numbers of older workers. Many of these older workers will carry on working for longer than employees in recent decades for a variety of reasons including rising state pension age, the scrapping of the default retirement age, financial necessity, or simply wanting to continue working.

By many measures, today’s older workers are healthier than in the past - some would even call them “younger” as they retain an active life for longer. However, many chronic health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and musculoskeletal conditions are more likely to be experienced by older people. While some believe that older workers suffer more ill-health than their younger counterparts, others says older workers take less time off because they are more conscientious and do not call in sick after a night out.

Many of the health problems that older workers suffer can be prevented or managed, but doing so requires a comprehensive approach that involves many actors including the NHS, health professionals, employers and older workers themselves.

The questions that will be considered during the debate include:

  • Do older workers take more or less sick leave than their younger counterparts?
  • What kind of health problems commonly lead to older workers taking sick leave or exiting the workforce early?
  • What government policies exist to help support older workers who experience health problems?
  • What interventions or innovations can minimise or prevent ill health amongst older workers?

Agenda from the event:

16.00 – 16.30
Registration and refreshments

16:30 – 16.35
Welcome by Actuarial Profession co-chair and introduction from co-chair Baroness Sally Greengross, Chief Executive, International Longevity Centre - UK.

16.35 – 17.05
Keynote speech on trends in the health of older workers, Dame Carol Black, Department of Work and Pensions

17.05 – 17.15
Measures and policies designed to support the health of older workers, ILC-UK

17.15 – 17.25
Case study on intervention(s) to support the health of older workers

17.25 – 18.30
Questions and panel discussion with speakers

Close and drinks