Economics of Age

The Actuarial Profession, Staple Inn Hall, High Holborn, London, WC1V 7QJ

16:30, 07 May 2008

An inheritance can transform the life of those lucky enough to receive one. However, as the UK increasingly becomes a society of significant family wealth transfers, this trend may rewrite the rules for public policy across a raft of important areas.

This event saw the launch of 'The Age of Inheritance' and a discussion of what the findings of this research mean for public policy.

The event explored the questions:

  • What do the size of family wealth transfers in this new era mean for social policy and attempts to improve equality of opportunity?
  • What should the Government encourage individuals to do with family wealth transfers, given the objectives of public policy?
  • In light of long-term policy challenges around how best to pay for an ageing population, how does the value of inheritances now being transferred affect this debate?

Following a presentation by James Lloyd of the ILC-UK, a panel of speakers responded to the research:

  • Professor Karen Rowlingson, University of Birmingham
  • Stephen Ladyman MP, Vice Chair, Labour Party
  • Anthony Rafferty, Head of Post Retirement, Norwich Union

The event received coverage in the media here: