ILC-UK, 11 Tufton Street, London SW1P 3QB, 16:00, 13 September 2011

The launch of new research into the benefits of extra care housing.

In July 2011, Andrew Dilnot published the report of the Commission on funding of Care and Support. Within the report, the Commissioners highlighted the potential role for extra care housing. They said “the Commission hopes that more people will be able to consider extra care housing in the future, if they are more aware of this type of provision and can be more certain over their financial planning.” Extra care housing represents an integrated model of housing and social care support that potentially holds fiscal and wider benefits for older people and the state. In addition, extra care housing might offer a way of unlocking the housing wealth of the ‘baby boomer’ generation approaching retirement, therefore providing a real alternative to the spectacle of people selling their homes to pay for residential care when their needs become acute. Yet for extra care to be a sustainable option for the funders of care, it is vital that we know more about the cost effectiveness and efficiency of extra care housing as a model.

This event brought together three speakers to review some of the main debates surrounding extra care housing as well as to present some new findings.

Over the last year, ILC-UK has been undertaking a major piece of research into the benefits of extra care housing through examining resident outcomes. Using longitudinal data from 3 providers, Extra Care Charitable Trust, Retirement Security Limited and Audley, with additional funding provided from Housing Learning and Improvement Network (Housing LIN), we have undertaken a review which explores the characteristics of residents, the notion of extra care housing as a home for life, the health outcomes of residents, and patterns of health service usage of residents. We have also explored the costs and benefits associated with our findings. This new research, presented by Dr Dylan Kneale, also explores how the outcomes of residents in extra care could differ from the outcomes of older people living in the community in receipt of domiciliary care.

Since 2004, the Department of Health has funded a large number of extra care schemes. The the University of Kent’s Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU) have been undertaking a major evaluation of these schemes and Robin Darton, Senior Research Fellow and project lead, presented the early findings. Housing LIN has been a long standing proponent of models of housing with care, and Jeremy Porteus, Director of the organisation, discussed the findings in greater detail and identify future directions for the sector. This event was supported by the Housing LIN. We are grateful to our partners: Extra Care Charitable Trust, Retirement Security and Audley, for making this research possible.

Agenda from the event:

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Welcome – Baroness Sally Greengross

“Establishing the Extra in Extra Care” – Dr Dylan Kneale, ILC-UK

Robin Darton, PSSRU

Jeremy Porteus, Housing LIN

Discussion, debate and questions

Wine reception

The presentations from the event can be viewed below: