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Monday, 5th December 2016; 09:00 (for 09:30) – 11:30; London

In my role as Chief Executive of the International Longevity Centre – UK (ILC-UK), I will be hosting a roundtable discussion on how the Enhanced Care Worker role can be encouraged and managed.

In June 2016, ILC-UK, kindly supported by The Department of Health, conducted research and launched a report which for the first time explored the emerging role of what was termed an Enhanced Care Worker in the adult social care sector. Whilst the title of the role differs between providers, sometimes called a Care Practitioner or Senior Care Lead, it is defined as upskilling care workers to provide enhanced clinical support to the registered nurse.

The launch event and panel discussion held in the House of Lords in July 2016 stimulated an engaging and passionate discussion, and found that there was a real desire for leaders across the care homer sector to work together to develop and move towards a standardisation of the role which would benefit both staff within the sector as well as residents themselves. Many audience members expressed the desire for this conversation to continue beyond the afternoon event.

How can this role contribute towards making nursing in the care home sector more attractive? Would a national accreditation scheme be viable and desirable? And does this role align with the newly proposed Nurse Associate role?

This is an invitation only event, if you are interested in more information, please contact us at