London Editorial Board: Tuesday 1st March 2016
Brussels Editorial Board: Friday 11th March 2016

The International Longevity Centre – UK has recently launched the European Adult Immunisation Hub: made possible through the kind support of Pfizer.

The website aims to highlight developments in adult...


Thursday 17th March 2016; House of Lords, Westmimnster, London

We are pleased to invite you to an event to debate the impact of the 2016 Budget on the Future of Retirement Incomes. The debate, supported by the International Longevity Centre –UK’s (ILC-UK) Partners Programme, will take place ahead of our Second Retirement Income...


Friday 10th June 2016; Further details to be confirmed

On Friday, 10th June 2016, ILC-UK will be holding our second Retirement Income Summit, hosted by The Chartered Insurance Institute.

In 2012, ILC-UK organised our first Retirement Income Summit which provided a platform for discussion between 180 policymakers, senior insurance industry...